POTW Patches

Sweet Patches is the pet of the week this week! She came to us with her friend Max in January and has been nothing but wonderful to have in our company. She's a relatively independent cat who loves to lounge around and sleep but she'll never turn down some chin scratches. If your home is in need of a relaxed feline companion, set up a meet and greet with Patches here at the shelter!

POTW Mavis

Say hi to Mavis! She's a super curious girl who loves to explore and find new favourite places to hide and sleep. She's around 2 years old and very vocal when she wants your attention! She has a knack for disappearing in some blankets or boxes and showing back up like nothing ever happened. If you're looking to take Mavis' games of hide-and-seek to your house, contact us to set up a time for a meet and greet!


Pet of the Week:

Say hello to Sid! Sid is 8 months old and the sweetest, most affectionate little dude! Sid is a manx cat with what we believe to be a minor case of manx syndrome. This has caused Sid to be exclusively eating food from the vet to keep his tummy settled. Contact the shelter for a meet and greet with this sweet little guy if you think Sid and his special diet would be a good fit for your home!

Berry POTW

Pet of the Week:

Berry came to us in January. She was very pregnant and her and her babies lived with a wonderful foster up until last Saturday. Berry's babies have all found their forever homes and now its her turn! She's a very talkative girl and she's super curious of her surroundings. She's estimated to still be fairly young and she does pretty well with other animals in the house! If you'd like to come by and meet her, contact us and we can set something up!