POTW Bisse

Pet of the week this week is Bisse! She turns 3 years old in June and in August she'll have been in our care for a year. Out of all of our feline residents, Bisse has been in our care the longest and we absolutely can't wait to find her perfect forever home. Her length of stay here has a lot to do with the fact that she really struggled with people during her first 7 months in our care but she's slowly been getting better. Bisse would thrive in a relaxed environment with no other animals and no young kids, as she's a pretty independent cat and she'll be sure to let you know if she doesn't want someone in her space. If you're looking for a casual companion to keep you company, Bisse might be the perfect match for you! To encourage her adoption, her fee has been reduced to $50!


Max may be 7 years old but he definitely doesn't act like it! He's the biggest goofball and absolutely adores people. He loves to climb and explore but he'll stop just about anything for a little bit of head scratches! Max is the nicest cat and will make a fantastic companion for just about anyone. If you'd like to meet Max, he's currently stealing the hearts of the wonderful people over at Drumheller PetValu!


Finn is around 2 years old and struggles to get along with other cats but he's fantastic with people! He loves attention and has no problem asking for it. He loves to lounge around and just might sleep the day away if you let him. Finn would be best suited to a home with no other animals and lots of extra love to give away!

POTW Bunny

Bunny is our pet of the week this week! She's currently living with some of our volunteers in a fantastic foster home due to her fixed special diet! Bunny is 12 years old and she has some gastrointestinal issues that have been fixed by eating a certain GI food from the vet. She's a lovely girl looking for a forever home willing to commit to following her set diet to keep her living her heathiest and happiest life! As she is in a foster home, any potential meet and greets with Bunny will need to have a little extra notice but can be arranged by contacting us at the shelter!