POTW Eli and Edgar

Edgar and Eli are both pet of the week this week! They came to us at the beginning of April and are looking for a forever home that would be willing to take both of them, as they're a bonded pair. They're around a year and a half to two years old and would be fantastic for just about anyone. They can both struggle with other cats and we unfortunately can't speak towards how they may react around dogs but they're fantastic with people and would be great around kids!

POTW Howie

Howie has been stealing the hearts of everyone at PetValu for about a week or so and now we're hoping his charm will land him the perfect forever home! We believe Howie is around a year and a half to two years old and he is the most gentle and tolerant little guy. Howie is good with pretty much everything and we think he'll thrive in just about any home environment, as long as he can get lots of attention!

POTW Bisse


Bisse is once again taking the place as our pet of the week! She is 3 years old and in August, she'll have been at the shelter for a third of her life. Bisse has a hard time with small children and other cats but if you're willing to have the patience with her, she's the sweetest girl. She would do well in a home where she is the only animal and would also benefit greatly from being adopted into a home that's not expecting her to cuddle and want attention all of the time, as she is often perfectly content snoozing her afternoon away in her cat tree. Due to the length of Bisse's stay here, we've reduced her adoption fee to $50 to try and encourage the perfect forever home to come forward!


Max may be 7 years old but he definitely doesn't act like it! He's the biggest goofball and absolutely adores people. He loves to climb and explore but he'll stop just about anything for a little bit of head scratches! Max is the nicest cat and will make a fantastic companion for just about anyone. If you'd like to meet Max, he's currently stealing the hearts of the wonderful people over at Drumheller PetValu!