POTW Velma

Velma is our Pet of the Week this week! Velma is around 6 months old and came to us with her 'sister', Daphne. We're not 100% sure if they're actually siblings or not, but they sure are close! Velma and Daphne were living outside in the cold for a little over a month, so they're still a little skittish around people. Daphne has come around quite well but Velma is still struggling. While Velma is still very shy, she loves attention and affection just as much as Daphne! We would love to have Velma and Daphne adopted out to the same home as a bonded pair because we really believe that it would make the adjustment easier, especially on Velma. Velma (and ideally Daphne, too!) would benefit greatly from a home with lots of patience to work on bringing her out of her shell and show her all the love in the world!

POTW Wilson

Pet of the Week this week is Mr. Wilson! He's around 3 and a half years old and a super cuddly guy. In a crowded room, he's always quick to find a person to pet him or a new lap to lay on - he just LOVES people! Wilson can occasionally struggle with other cats if they also happen to have a personality as big as his, but we think he would settle in anywhere with a little bit of time!

Velma 2

Velma is around 6 months old and is very very slowly coming around to people. She's tolerant of them but still very apprehensive about being touched by or close to them. Velma was found hanging around a farm with her friend, Daphne, and was quite difficult to catch, so we're taking our time as we work on getting her a little bit more domesticated before sending her to her forever home! 


Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? He's Pet of the Week this week! Someone's best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy, who knows this kid, who said that Ferris is one of the sweetest cats ever! In all seriousness, Ferris is the nicest little dude and the furthest thing from a disobedient rule-breaker, unlike his namesake. He does well with other cats and would likely do just fine in a home with a dog as well. As of Tuesday afternoon, Ferris will be joining the wonderful crew over at PetValu. Head on over there to say hi to Ferris and see if he'd be a good fit for your home!