Emma is around 2 years old and is super sweet and affectionate! More information will be added about Emma as we get to know her personality in the coming days!


Brody is 6 years old and was brought to us after unexpectedly losing his owner. Unfortunately for Brody, this wasn't the first time this had happened. Brody has been through more in the last year than we would wish on any of our four legged friends, and we're hopeful that he'll find the most perfect forever home while staying with us. He loves to cozy up next to his human in bed to sleep, and enjoys spending his time gazing out the window while happily remaining an indoor cat. Brody is good with dogs and a little apprehensive around other cats so far, but we think he'll warm up soon!


Sugar is a new addition that we unfortunately don't have too much confirmed information on. We believe she's around 1 year old, but we'll have more information once she's back from her scheduled vet visit on March 16th! 


This sweet boy is around 5 years old. He loves cuddles and attention, and spends so much time seeking them out that he sometimes neglects hair care. Lich would love a forever home where he can get the best of both worlds - all of your attention AND a hairstylist to help him keep up with his lucious mane,