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Orange tabby cats are about 80/20 male to female. Calico and tortoiseshell cats, however, are almost always female.These kittens are all girls as far as we know.



Billie is a very loving, playful boy. He absolutely loves to snuggle. He will be a year old in November! He's neutered and up to date on his vaccinations.

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Bryn is very young and taking her duties as a mom very seriously. She's doing a great job! Her 4 babies are only 4 days old in this picture.

Their names will be

Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Duke, Columbia or Liberty..depending on which ones are girls and boys and of course theyre personalities to choose from


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This girls name is Chicken, why we're not sure. This beautiful girl will be spayed soon and given her vaccinations and then will be ready to be adopted! She is 1 1/2 years old and we find she is so lovely and mild mannered, getting along with all the kitties at the shelter!