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ariya ot 20180313 154626 02This lovely girl is available for adoption!! She also needs a foster home while she waits!! 

Ariya just turned 2 in October, and she will be vet checked, vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. She is a St. Bernard mix. 

Ariya is excellent with children of all ages!! She loves to play & cuddle with her humans!

She needs more activity in her life, as she has lots of energy & she loves walks! She is kennel trained, and she walks pretty well on leash. She isn't much of a barker unless she is alerting you to something. 
She needs a secure yard, as she is large and has jumped a 5-6 foot fence to take herself out for runs. She seems to chase cats, she would do best in a feline & small canine- free home. She loves to play rough with mid or bigger sized dogs and she can be dominant, but she loves to roll around and play!

On a side note, she LOVES carrots & blueberries as a treat! 

Please contact the Drumheller and District Humane Society at 403 820 0886 or via message for more information about fostering or adopting Ariya!

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Just had an update on this sweet gentleman! BANDIT is now 9 1/2 months old! He is absolutely loving life at his foster family. They are still working on his harness training but BANDIT has shown amazing progress and continues to everyday. He tried out swimming as well and really seemed to enjoy himself! He is handsome and sweet and desperately awaiting his forever family 

Bandit is an energetic 8 month old male Retriever/Collie mix. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped! Bandit needs a forever family who is willing to put in the time and effort to continue his training. He lives in a foster home with two older children and a cat! Bandit LOVES to play with other dogs! He is kennel trained, but has not been leash trained.

Bandit is bell trained to go outside, and only has the occasional accident inside as he continues to learn. 
Please contact the Kerys with the Drumheller & District Humane Society at 403 820 6645 or via message if you are interested in adopting Bandit!





March 24th - Happy Family

aurora 3

Click on Video of Pups Link

Video of Pups Update 2018-03-29


Abbigal: Puppy #1 Born @ 12:56 am Female, Brown Brindle white ring around neck

Gump: Puppy #2 Born @ 2:18 am Runt Male, Brown Brindle Dot on top of head.

Winnie: Puppy #3 Born @ 2:51 am Female, Poodle Head silhouette on rump, Brown brindle.

Alice: Puppy #4 Born @ 3:22 am Female, Full Medium Brindle white socks. Identical to mom.

Blacky: Puppy #5 Born @ 3:52 am Female, Full Black Brindle.

Panda: Puppy #6 Born @ 4:24 am Female, Light Brindle, one large eye patch, second eye glass.

Rocky: Puppy #7 Born @ 4:53 am Male, Light Brindle, Black face Largest Puppy! Big Boy!

Blaze: Puppy #8 Born @ 5:04 am Female, Black Brindle with full white blaze on face.

aurora 4

aurora all together now1

March 24 2018 ~ #8 Baby Girl Born 5:05 am

aurora 8 bbe girl 505 am

March 24 2018 ~ #7 Baby Boy Born 4:54 am

aurora 7 bbee boy 454am

March 24 2018 ~ #6 Baby Girl Born 4:28 am

aurora 6 baby girl2

March 24 2018 ~ #5 Baby Girl Born 4am

aurora baby 5

March 24 2018 ~ #4 Baby Girl Born 3:22am

aurora baby 4 a girl 322am

Aurora Feeding 

Aurora feeding


 March 24, 2018 ~ Baby Girl #3 2:59 amaurora 3 baby girl 251am

Below Mom and 2 babies

aurora 2kids so far 226

March 24 2018 ~ #2 Baby Boy Born 2:19 amaurora boy2 219am


March 24 2018 ~ #1 Baby Girl Born 1amaurora babyGIRL 1AM


aurora 20180319 205834

The time is coming quickly! Foster Dad just finished her whelpin box! That is so AWESOME!

aurora 20180320 163017

Aurora and Sadie getting along Great!


aurora 10155898244676140

So sweet to see these two like this!



Aurora is 5.5 weeks pregnant ~ Staffordshire Terrier

due by the end of March !

aurora1Now in Foster Care-getting settled in