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No one has claimed "Sterling" This poor little hampster needs a home! He can bring his cage, water bottle, dishes and wheel with him if you need. Call the shelter at 403-823-8999

sid IMG 6339

Sid is a Male born in May 2019. He was found out at a parking lot and rescued from being homeless and trying to survive out in the cold weather 

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Trinity came to us after some hikers found her out in the back hills. She had been noticed in that area for over two weeks. Then recently she followed the hikers home. In that two weeks there had been terrible weather, she was hungry and her paws were tender (no doubt frozen from the cold snow and ice). She's safe now, she's warm and cozy, getting lots of food and rest! She is so sweet and loveable. She curls right up in your arms when you hold her.

Trinity is estimated to be around 7-8 years old


 GEEGEE 20191005 124749

GeeGee is a female black cat about 6 months old