Twinkle came in with Birdie on January 21, 2020. These two were rescued from the cold. They had been staying in a hay box to keep warm, and were brought inside by some lovely people as temperatures plummeted to -40. They are tame but a little scared still, we're sure they will warm up soon!

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Prince Harry was rescued from the freezing cold weather. He's in rough shape at the moment with a frozen tail and ears, a bite on his shoulder, and a broken tooth, but he's being well cared for at the vets. This little guy looks to be about 7 months old. He'll be getting lots of love and care while he heals from his wounds, then he'll be ready to be adopted. We've no doubt he'll be a fantastic member of someone's family before long!


Taz is a very affectionate kitty, we think around a year old. He was found hanging around someones house but appears to be a stray.

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Maybelle arrived in December 2019 with her littermates Holly, Howie, Leroy and Hamm. More to come soon!