Andy is 12 years old (as of Dec 2019). He is a very relaxed and loving cat. His owner sadly had to give him up.



Tessie is about 6 weeks old (as of December 5, 2019). She was found out in the cold.


Banner is a male chocolate lab. He is a year and six months old, and currently living with a foster family. Banner is very much a people dog. He hates being left outside. But as he can now choose to be in or out and he settled down right away. He’s housebroken and knows sit. Needs more leash training. Would be great for an active family dog or trained for hunting. Gets along with other dogs and respects cats. He will be going to get neutered soon.


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No one has claimed "Sterling" This poor little hampster needs a home! He can bring his cage, water bottle, dishes and wheel with him if you need. Call the shelter at 403-823-8999