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Admat 20191130 Drumheller 2

IMG 6296

This is a recent photo of Precious.


Precious as a Baby! Her name was actually Rye

IMG 2691

with her sibling and growing 


IMG 2680

This is a photo her owner kept all the while hoping to see her again one day, missing her terribly for over 2 - 2 1/2 years

IMG 2688

Their Happy Reunion!

Both are pretty happy to have found each other again!

IMG 6260

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

Shout out to field officer Jason Philp for all his work on the CCFR Radio Podcasters Charity Shoot!

We raised $1000 for the local humane society

and $10 000 for the Big Country Anti Violence Association!!

Our community really came through to help these charities!!