Mavis is around 2 years old and super sweet! She loves making nests in blankets and popping out for head scratches when she hears humans. She's a little apprehensive around other cats, but she's coming around! 


Dennis is quite the special case for us! He's around 3 years old and was found close to feral. He's taken months to come around, but he's been having a great time exploring the shelter with the other cats. Unfortunately Dennis hasn't come around to humans yet. Dennis would do well in a heated barn/garage but we also belive that he would settle wonderfully into a home with no small children and a lot of patience for him! 

Bunny Updated

This incredibly photogenic girl is 8 years old and pretty shy. She'll take a little bit of time to warm up, but she'll fit right in after that! Bunny is in foster because she's on a special diet and can't eat regular cat food like the rest of the cats in our shelter. 


Patches came in with her friend Max and we're encouraging them to get adopted together. Unlike Max, Patches is still coming around but she's certainly affectionate when you find her in one of her many hiding spots! 

Bisse updated

Bisse is an adorable one year old female who is still warming up the shelter but seems to be very appreciative of affection and attention!


 miss kitty IMG 9401

Miss Kitty came to us in March of 2019 and has been living in foster for a good portion of her time with us. She is on a fixed diabetic diet and requires insulin every day. She's a very social cat who enjoys tons of attention! 



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