Rescue of Newborns-Orange & White Kittens


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Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and species. Today an unfortunate event happened at the Drumheller Landfill, due to the quick response from a local Gentleman, two new born kittens were rescued. The best chance for survival for these little ones was finding a surrogate Mom to take in the kittens. A Facebook post was quickly noticed by Jaclyn Skytt who graciously offered her Momma Cat as a potential surrogate. With the help of her 9 year old daughter Sydney, Jaclyn presented CJ the two new kittens. CJ gave birth to her babies just 4 days ago, while these babies are allot smaller than hers, she welcomed the two little orphans. Sydney has been keeping a keen eye on the two youngsters and sending us updates throughout the day. Sending thanks to the man that brought us the kittens, the entire Skytt family for their graciously given assistance and a bigger thank you to CJ for being an awesome surrogate to these little babes.

Quick update on the kittens. They have settled in with their foster family. The little white one took to nursing like a champ. The little orange one struggled a bit, gave us a bit of a scare, but thanks to the patience and assistance of Jaclyn Skytt and Sydney they got the baby to nurse. They are all snuggled in for the night. Again our heartfelt thanks to the entire Skytt family but especially to Momma CJ. ❤️🐾❤️