If our dogs and cats could talk, they’d tell you it takes a group of dedicated, compassionate people to run a rescue organization. We are very proud of our amazing group of volunteers and staff. From the folks on the front lines to our Board of Directors, the Executive, here are the humans behind Drumheller & District Humane Society.

Kelcy1    Kelcy Travis - President

Kelcy has studied Psychology and English at the University of Lethbridge and Athabasca Uni. She has spent time working for D.A.R.T.S in Drumheller, as well as tutoring students for English. She lives to help others, animals and humans alike!

Kelcy’s journey with the Humane Society started 7 years ago and she recreated a foster program for dogs and puppies to help re-home them and save their lives! She is passionate about animals and their care.

Kelcy is a mom to a young daughter and an infant son. Kelcy and her family enjoy camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors. Of course, Kelcy enjoys music in all forms and singing especially!

She feels she has been truly blessed to have had this volunteer opportunity with the Drumheller & District Humane Society, it has brought both immense challenge & growth, and created lifelong friendships & memories!

Megan1   Megan Shearer - Vice President

Megan Shearer is a Veterinary Assistant at Valley Veterinary Clinic in Drumheller. She originally started out as a volunteer at the Humane Society, two years ago to get volunteer hours that she needed for her animal health program in Olds.

She has met many great people, who had, similar interests and values as herself and realized this was something she was going to be doing for awhile pursuing her passion for animal welfare.

heather1    Heather Gallagher - Treasurer

Heather is a home grown dedicated animal lover! Her career has spanned largely with Drumheller Coop.  She has always wanted to help out at the humane society and the opportunity came when a treasurer was needed.  Her professionalism and accounting skills are a huge contribution to our organisation. She has helped in various areas such as at events and totally enjoys visiting the Hillview and Sunshine lodges to share our furry animals for love and attention. Heather and her family enjoy skiing as well as camping in the summer months.

lisa1   Lisa Jacques - Secretary

Lisa became involved when an opportunity came to foster a dog named Teddy. It wasn’t long before her family adopted Teddy!  As a dog lover, Lisa became more involved by becoming a Foster home provider, giving them a warm safe place to be until they found their forever homes. Her dedication and commitment is widely appreciated!

bob1  Bob Warren - Board Director

Bob retired in 2004 from Public Service. He came to Drumheller & District Humane Society and held the position of Vice President over two years ago and was instrumental in updating Drumheller Humane bylaws and supporting our mission here in Drumheller. 

Bob and his wife Debbie have dogs and cats in their home that they love dearly and are proactive in advocating for all animals!

stev1   Steve Brant - Director 

Steve is an Indiginous Liason Officer at the Drumheller Institution. His daughter was volunteering for us here at the shelter and he found himself wanting to contribute in some way too. We are so appreciative of his commitment to this and helping at various events.

   nadine1   Nadine Nowak - Director 

Nadine started out as a volunteer for us by fostering various cats and dogs. Her experience has had so many rewards for her. Seeing the animals do well and get great homes! She has also dedicated her time working at the shelter, helping at events for a number of years.

Rhian1   Rhian Russel - Co-ordinator - Newsletter

Rhian is a Conservation Assistant at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

She enjoy’s volunteering in the community and has a love for animals; therefore, helping out at the Drumheller Humane Society is a natural fit! Rhian’s life is enriched by the feline companionship of Mort, Toe and Moe, that were adopted from Drumheller Humane!

Rhian produces the ‘Drumheller & District Humane Society Newsletter’ that comes out every two months.


Maria1   Maria Flatla - Adoption Center Coordinator

Maria has a joyful and friendly demeanour, she’s our front-line greeter!  As our Adoption Center Co-ordinator, she will take the time to answer questions and help you find the right fit for both you and your cat.  She has always had a cat or two in her life and looks forward to the day she can adopt one again.  She enjoys her time with her family and friends.

   Debra Busse- Manager

Debra came in as a volunteer to help in whatever capacity she could. She has always loved animals and could see a lot of potential in the Drumheller Humane Society. Her work at the shelter is reflective of a Community that Cares!

Cat Trap Use


The following is provided by the Alberta SPCA as a public service

It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to act as a general guideline


Trapping, handling, and disposal must be humane and in compliance with the Animal Protection Act and the Criminal Code.

Any Traps must be live trap type. The use of leg hold traps for domestic animals is an offence under the Criminal Code.

Traps must be set only on property owned, leased, or rented by the user or with the permission of the person owning, leasing, or renting the property.

Wildlife must be released in compliance with the Wildlife Act (contact Fish and Wildlife for details).

Upon trapping a cat, the welfare of that cat becomes the legal responsibility of the person setting the trap until the cat is either released or turned over to a pound or its owner.

Traps should only be set in location where they will be protected from weather (sun, rain, hail) and other potential hazards. Traps should not be set in extreme weather (example: winter, when thunderstorms are expected, when temperatures are expected to be high, etc).

Traps should be monitored at least twice daily – more often in inclement weather.

If a cat is trapped, only 3 legal options exist for disposal of trapped cats. These options are:

  1. The cat may be released in the hope the experience deters the cat;
  2. The cat may be returned to owner, if known; or
  3. The cat may be turned into the local pound.


Cats are not to be relocated (example, moved to farms or across town, abandoned in the country, or destroyed) Abandoning animals is an offence under the Criminal Code and the Animal Protection Act of Alberta. Killing other people’s cats is prohibited under the Criminal Code.

 If the town provided the trap to the public, a system of reporting and picking up cats should be in place. The town should provide information on proper use of the tap to the user.

Here a video to help your dog with separation anxiety.

Here is a great video to help you with a barking dog.

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