This is Duke. We believe he is a Chow cross. He is a very friendly boy that is extremely food motivated and loyal. He spent the last 7 years on a farm until his owners moved to town and left him at the farm and checked on him a few times a week.
At this time he started wandering into town and was picked up by the animal control girl in this town.
after a couple days in a crate in her garage he got out and as she tried to put him back in the bit her. she then let him go free. a few months later she caught him again and brought him to my kennel (Cole's Pet Resort) to look after him while she figured out what to do. after 2 weeks with no resolution. I felt she was trying to get permission to put him down so I seized control with permission of the town.

After contacting the owner they surrendered the dog to Drumheller District Humane Society. Where he was nurtured and brought unto date on his shots. after they found what we thought would be a suitable owner and told him about his bite history and advised him not to try and force him to do anything. he went for a trial basis. He placed him on a cable that got wrapped around a tree and the guy tried to pull him around the tree by his collar and he bit again. I procceded to go out to where he was wrapped up, took some food and walked him around the tree with no issues.

We then had him assesed by Adrienne Copeland and he did great. The Drumheller humane society does not want to adopt him out in this area for fear of harassment or retaliation by the parties that got bit.

I have had Duke in my care for over a month and he is a very smart and loyal boy. i have been working with him on leash and without and he is doing great.

he seems to be ok with other dogs not sure about cats. we would not want him placed with kids or first time owners as they will need to understand not to put him in a situation where he may react.

If anyone knows of someone looking for a loyal farm dog to keep them company for a few years he would be a great fit and he will work for kibble.

Please reach out to 403 820 0886 if you are able to help us find him a forever home for his senior years.


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