Mitsey's Journey - Having kittens

 mitzey 20180320 141331

Resting with the little ones! Getting soooo Big already!

mitzey 20180320 141119







3 Babies as far as I can see!

She had the first 2 around midnight and the 3rd shortly after. She has had breakfast in bed and is purring. Happy Momma! Ella saw the first one born!                                        .

20180309 161813


This poor girl is from a farm and has had a few pregnancies.  She has finally come to us so that we can finally get her spayed and not have to produce anymore kittens. We wish all owners would be responsible for their animals. We are taking this opportunity to go through her journey of having these little ones and from the shelters perspective what we do.

At the moment with Mitsey being surrendered, she is being fostered in a wonderful home and we want to thank the Foster Mom Sarah & her Family for taking her in!