Meet Wilber

Wilber is a neutered male, 6 years old. Here at the shelter 148 days and counting.

Update: January 29th, Wilber has had his operation on his left eye and is healing well. 

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Everyone meet Wilbur! 
Wilbur hasn't been in our care very long. Just a little over a week, and we want to share his story with everyone. As you can see, he is overweight. Today he weighed in at 27.7lbs! Yes, there is just more to love with this guy! In his short time with us, he's won over a lot of people with his big personality. But being overweight has a lot of health risks, so we wanted to get this guy on a diet, not only hoping to increase his quality of life, but also because Wilbur needs surgery.
As you can see, in some of the photos Wilbur's left eye looks red and irritated. This is because he has an entropion. This means his eyelid fold inwards. This is quite uncomfortable for him, and something we want to fix for him, but we need his weight to come down so he won't be an anesthetic risk and the procedure will be safer for him. Being on a good weight management food can be costly for a non-profit like ourselves though. Luckily after a few caring people seeing this guy, Hills food has given us a few free bags of their metabolic weight management food to contribute to our cause! We cannot thank them enough!! 
We will be posting updated photos of Wilbur's weight journey. We're all very excited for this journey of his. 💜💜



Wilber's Journey August 23, 2017 - Has lost weight! 28 lbs to 25.3 yay for Wilber 💜💜

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