sunny Male

amber female


Dante. Male Purring Dark Cuddle Cloud Of Love. He is Very Loving and People Oriented. This Guy wants to be your Buddy..and Seems So Happy to Get Attention.





Lillian. Adult GREY Female. Lillian is Looking for a Quiet Life. Young Children and all that Noise and Action Scares Lillian. She would prefer to go to Nice Mellow Non Scary People....and if She is going to be the only cat..well than all the better...but she is willing to share your home and heart with long as they Respect her needs for Peace and Tranquillity.


Ranger. He is a very handsome guy who is just getting used to the fact he has lost his Forever Home. He was born July 2013 and this isn't his first kick at the Can. He hopes this Next Adoption into a Home.. is a Home that is actually Allowed Pets.. and That his Next Forever Home doesn't have to Return him to a Shelter Ever Again. Ranger is a Great Cat. He promises to be a Great Cat to You! He just needs you to Be FOREVER! this time..So please Make Sure you are ALLOWED to Have Him..before you come get him.



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