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BJ - is a strong short hair spayed female, 8 years of Age 

-Her family left the country and she's very upset, not liking her situation. We have been taking time to talk to her and trying to pet her, she only hisses and does swat at us. She has never put out her nails when swatting which is a good indication she will come around eventually

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Isa is a Spayed Female. 6 years old, white long hair with blue eyes!

She was brought to us when her owner was sadly taken to the hospital and became unable to care for her pet 


when Isa came in, She was very frightened and kept hiding in her condo. This week she has marked progress and is coming out to socialize with the other cats. She's still very timid towards people and will run away. Shelter life is hard to adjust to. She loves to be petted and scratches behind her ears!

This is Pascal. She is around 6 months old.


Fritz was found out in the extreme we had in early February 2019. He had to have a surgery on his tail, which is in a cast in the photo! He also has a frostbitten ear. He is on the mend and will be adoptable soon!



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Liara is a female siamese cat with white and orange colouring. She came in with Bacardi when their owner sadly passed away. She is a very sweet girl.

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Igloo has been at the shelter since June 2018. She has beautiful soft fur and loves to play.iglooigloo2

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Jynx arrived in December and was fostered for a bit, so she could get well.  She was found with her siblings in a shed on a farm. There was no heat and noone able to care for them. They were hungry and cold, it's not known how long they were there.

Jynx is a Female and her date of birth is around September 2018.

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